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Important Information on Churches in the UK and Why You Need An Email Mailing List of Churches


Britain does not have a written constitution, meaning that a constitutional clause guaranteeing religious freedom does not exist. However, the UK society is generally tolerant of religious pluralism since the UK law guarantees and protects freedom of religion.


The Church of England, which is the state religion, is also the Mother Church of the universal Anglican Communion. Although Scotland has no established church, the Church of Scotland is recognized as the official church. As such, it is wholly independent of the government when it comes to spiritual matters. There is no official religion in Wales and Northern Ireland. The Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales ranks as the second largest Church in the UK and boasts of about five million members. However, it has distinct national organizations for England and Wales as well as for Scotland and for Ireland.


Other church denomination groups include Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Charismatic and Pentecostal churches, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Seventh Day Baptists, the Plymouth Brethren, Non-Trinitarian denominations – Latter-day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and The Church of Christ, Scientist. There are other churches in the UK that have been established by Africans who started to arrive in the early 1980s. The leading one among these is Kingsway International Christian Centre in London founded by a Nigerian, Matthew Ashimolowo, and reputed as the largest church in Western Europe.


Even though several religions are practiced in the UK, the term “church” is customarily reserved for houses of worship that associate with the Christian faith. But then, although Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the UK, each church offers a different type of experience. There are several denominations with fundamental beliefs that help distinguish between churches in the UK. Some of the most common distinctions amongst Christian belief systems is the one between Catholicism and Protestantism, with Catholicism being older than Protestantism. Protestantism consists of many different denominations that have related but not same belief systems. Examples of Protestant belief systems include Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc.


It is a true that church is not a place for business and treating it like one is something that should never be allowed to happen. This is because it is a place where millions of people worldwide congregate to worship and pray. But, any place where people visit regularly, there is a chance to make money and this is a fact which churches understand very well.For instance, when people go to church, they buy items such as Bibles, flowers, candles and jewelleries to show their piety and reverence to the Almighty God. Churches mostly rely on B2B partners for wholesale supply of such products and every year they generate enough revenue by selling these items.


In case you are florist, sell imitation jewellery or print books, you can partner with churches and be supplying them with the necessary items throughout the year. By doing this, you will increase your profit. However, there is something you need to remember; while the number of florists, jewellers and book sellers are quite high, there aren’t too many churches in comparison. This means you will face very stiff competition from the other B2B product suppliers.


For you to get noticed by the churches in the UK, you have to buckle up and start marketing your business. You need to convince the church authorities about the good quality of your products and the transparency of your business policy. Huge billboard ads and leaflet distribution may be fine for B2C marketing. However, B2B advertising is totally different. For instance, you can’t picture yourself giving leaflets to Bishops!


So the big question is: how can you do it?


This is where email mailing list of Churches comes in. Email marketing click here is certainly the best tool to help your business increase its clientele. Traditional forms of marketing campaigns are not as fast and instantaneous as email marketing. With email marketing you can quickly generate a response with only one marketing material. This is very convenient because you won’t have to wait for some days for the post to arrive since your emails will land in the mailbox in just a few seconds.


With a mere push of a button, you will be able to increase the awareness of your clients and fully promote your products or services. Emailing marketing is therefore suitable for businesses that want an economical way to introduce a mailing campaign which effectually promotes their brand.


Email mailing list of Churches is a special list of relevant database of email address of churches. This list will provide you with the email addresses of the churches in the UK that you need. Trying to search for Church email addresses from the websites is very tedious and time consuming. Furthermore, some of them are not updated regularly and so are obsolete. With this list you will be in a better position to send email to the right people with the correct email addresses without necessarily wasting your time over worthless information. With accurate Church email addresses, you are assured of your mails landing in the correct mailbox which will guarantee the results that you need.


This important document will enable you to send mails to several churches in UK and convince the decision makers easily. A well written message delivered to the in-box makes the reader think that the mail was composed specifically for him. Email marketing can boost conversion rate significantly and help your business gain some good B2B partners fast through this method.


In most cases, the contact details posted on websites of churches are often obsolete. So it is important to get an email mailing list of Churches from a reputable mailing list seller since the success of your online marketing campaign is dependent on the accuracy of the Church email addresses. When you have the email mailing list of Churches, you can design a custom promotional mail and begin sending it to the potential customers. It is important to highlight the products or services you offer including their rates as it helps the recipients to make informed decisions. Ensure that your mails pass the spam filter.


If you have a business that deals with products, goods and services for churches, you need to increase your client base by reaching out to potential clients via this list or another such as  To achieve this, you will need to develop a very effective marketing campaign that targets Churches in the industry. Some businesses tend to be hesitant with launching a mailing list because they are worried about the related costs.


The list provides the actual email address of the contact and other important pieces of information such as the Church location, website link, current email address, names of the decision makers, and their telephone contacts. As a matter of fact, email marketing is the most economical method of mailing campaign because it doesn’t involve a lot of operational costs.


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Churches and Religious Organizations: Helping Communities Achieve Quality Life


Despite the growing number of skeptics who question the role of the church in the community, there is increasing evidence on the importance in the role of churches and religious organizations in our society today. 


Where before churches and synagogues where considered to be just places of worship where people  can fulfill their spiritual needs, now, even non-regular church goers see the positive impact of an email mailing list of religious organizations have in their own localities. 


More than ministering to church rituals like weddings and funerals, religious organizations extended services not only to members of the congregation but to other members of the community as well.  Counselling and spiritual formation feed the spirit of the members or the church:  on the other hand, these churches and religious organizations are not also blind to the economic needs of the community so they extend social services (medical/dental missions), provide employment assistance and extend material help to the more needy members of the community. These are just but a few of the more evident assistance a community gets from religious organizations. 


But for most communities, the more important role that these churches or religious organizations  play is the fact that church doctrines  influence moral foundation of the members in the community so that self restraint and the propensity to do wrong is lessened.  In areas where there are resident religious organizations, acts of charity from the religious even translate  to lesser occurrences of wrongdoings.


So for those who ask what churches and religious organizations contribute to a community? A lot.  Religious organizations are always the first to be there when calamities involving a greater part of the community arises.  Sometimes their presence is enough to appease the physical as well as the emotional hurt felt by victims of these calamities.   These religious organizations are also the first to sound out calls for help from other more fortunate members of the community to lend a hand when needed.  And more importantly, these  religious organizations help the community members stand up against challenges brought about by life’s realities by constant prayer, spiritual and moral guidance.


Churches and religious organizations help foster quality life among members of its community  through sharing of values that foster love and understanding of one another’s needs by email mailing.  Another similar list see Needless to say, though these things may have no price tags, their worth are immeasurable.


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